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About Our 

IB Classical Dance Year-Round Program, is committed to offer world-class classical ballet technique and dance training to students

ages 3-19.


Students are guided toward a path that will prove most beneficial to their growth and is tailored to their individual needs. Our program is based on exclusive small classes, to ensure students receive the best personalized attention.

Pre-Primary through

Level 3 (Ages 3-10)

Introduces our youngsters to learn the basics of the ballet foundation.

IB classical Dance believes in a challenging progression of training that inspires students to reach their true potential and far beyond, placing students according to their age in order to allow proper physical development through these crucial young years. Students will work on building strong foundation with proper ballet technique, body alignment, musicality, and coordination to carry them through life.




Pre-Primary (Ages 3-4)

Ballet & Stretch


Primary  (Ages 5-6)

Ballet & Stretch


Level 1 ( Ages 7-8+)

Ballet, Contemporary & Conditioning


Level 2/3  (Ages 9-10+)

Ballet - Conditioning, Contemporary 

Levels 4 and 5 (Ages 11-12+)

Exposes our dancers to different styles and increased difficulty of training that will develop them into classical ballet dancers.

This Program is structure according to their skill level and knowledge of dance, IB Classical Dance focuses on ballet technique and artistry. Students at this level take advantage of a more extensive class schedule to further their knowledge of body mechanics, detailed musicality, and performance.





Level 4/5 (Ages 11-12+)

Ballet Technique – Points – Repertoire – Contemporary - Modern



Season 2022 - 2023

IB Classical Dance Preprofessional Program 

(Ages 12+) is the school's highest level of training for our most advance ballet students who want to pursue a professional ballet career.

Students from IB Classical Dance Conservatory Program will be exposed to prestigious ballet competitions throughout the year.


Students will receive personalize attention and coaching, while working on refining technique, strengthening, and artistry.

The focus of this program is to give young and talented dancers the opportunity to make their training a top priority and to be fully prepared to enter into the professional world of dance.


The Conservatory is the only Program at IB Classical Dance that requires an Audition or invitation by the director. Students can schedule an audition class at any time throughout the year.




Ballet Technique – Point – Men’s Class – Pas de Deux – Conditioning – Repertoire – Contemporary – Modern.


The Conservatory students have the option and are invited to take any afternoon/evening classes. 


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